Celebrating New Life, Shared Life, Lived Life - Julia Jones

A fully trained Independent Civil Celebrant, I offer a dedicated, professional and personalised service to help families, couples and their friends to create personalised ceremonies to celebrate love and life. It is a real privilege to work with people of all cultures, faiths and nationalities. As an independent Celebrant, I perform non-religious, semi-religious and religious services.
As your Celebrant and member of the Celebrant Society, I guarantee that I will meet with you if you are in the UK and will continue to consult you to ensure the ceremony is just as you wish it to be. If you unable to meet in person, I shall keep in touch with you via email and telephone. You will receive a supportive, compassionate and respectful service.
All of the ceremonies are designed to commemorate new life, shared life or lived life. They include: Baby Naming, Adoption Ceremonies, Marriage Ceremonies, Vow Renewals, Blessings, Handfasting, Divorce Healing, Funerals, Memorials and Pet Burials. They are unique and personal to you and your loved ones.

Funeral Services

When my Dad passed suddenly in 2008, the personal and touching ceremony written by the Celebrant enabled us to commemorate his life and legacy just as he would have wanted and in the way we wanted. It was at that time I realised the importance of being able to say farewell in a way that is as unique as our loved ones. It is a very difficult time, and I know from my own experience that the guidance and support of an empathetic Celebrant and Funeral Director can make a real difference.

Wedding Ceremonies

More people are electing to marry at Registry Offices and other venues that have a grant of approval to hold civil marriages and civil partnerships. It is a wonderful opportunity for the couple to have an extra special ceremony that is perfect for them. The Registrar will conduct the legal aspects of the ceremony and I will deliver the bespoke elements as the couple request.

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